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My goal is to help young gardeners and beginners master houseplants with ease by revealing all of the secrets and tips to ensuring plant success, so

that they can enhance their home with healthy, flourishing houseplants in perfect condition without spending time and doing things that are not action-oriented

Suceess with houseplants

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Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I water my plants, and when?

For container plants, water when compost or potting mix is loose and feels dry. Sit your plants in a tray and allow drained water to soak up. Discard excess water after about an hour.
For ground plants (herbs and shrubs), give your plants a good soak when the surface soil looks dry.
In spring, it is best to water late morning to allow the soil to warm up. In summer, it is best to water in the evening rather than midday when the sun is scorching to prevent leaf burn and rapid evaporation from leaves. Water droplets found on leaves could get heated and possibly burn the leaves.

What is the best type of soil for growing vegetables?

Vegetables can thrive on a wide range of soils, but the ideal soil is a medium loam with pH 6.5.
Vegetables are heavy feeders and never do well on poor or malnourished soils. Work in plenty of well-rotted manure or compost to your soil to make it fertile.
Have a feeding schedule and feed every 2 to 3 weeks. Consistent feeding will help keep your plants healthy and blooming all through the season.

Whiteflies are attacking most of my plants. I have tried spraying with several pesticides but without success. What should I do?

Whiteflies are small insects that feed on buds, flowers and new growths. They are difficult to control because their eggs and larvae are resistant to most pesticides or insecticides.
Treatment: Spray with permethrin and resmethrin (under the brand name Nix among others). Make 3 to 4 applications at 4 to the 7-day interval.

Where should I keep my houseplant in my home?

It is essential to know the amount of direct light coming through each window of your room before deciding the best spot to position them. Place houseplants on a window sill, verandas, balconies, bathtub, kitchen and bedroom. Provided they get adequate light shaded from direct sunlight. You can supplement with artificial light.

Does snake plant purify the air?

Snake plant helps to filter air indoors. Even at night, it creates a healthy airflow. Hence, one of the ideal plants for bedroom decor.

According to research that was conducted by NASA. Snake plants can remove over 87% in 24hours of poisonous toxins involved in respiratory problems.

In essence, snake plants can act as anti-cancerous by reducing the number of cancerous toxins we take in.

Best place to buy houseplants?

As a rule of thumb, a garden centre is often the best place to buy houseplants because plants are provided with excellent growing conditions and well-looked after by their knowledgeable staff.

The care tag attached to plants gives reasonably information on required light, water, temperature, fertilizer, and growth rate or patterns.

You can as well buy in recognised stores or supermarkets, but in some cases, the quality of plants sold varies greatly. The plant might start to show signs of neglect just a few weeks after you brought them home due to negligence from the staff of these recognized garden stores