Augustine Chukwunta is a Brand and Digital Marketing Expert, CEO, and co-founder of Gardeners clinic and Top tech lab. who works together with solopreneurs, CEOs, and executives to grow their professional and personal brands.

He has 7 years experience of working in industry and marketing for expensive brands. He built his business empire as a result of mentorship and guidance from Digital Deepak himself (the best digital marketing institute in India and one of the best in all Asia).

He has also worked for new start-ups and has afforded Chukwunta the knowledge of what drives sold-out launches, conversions, and interviews by famous people. But what makes Chukwunta successful is the mastery of digital marketing and how well he can make a connection with the general public.

All of Chukwunta’s efforts and successes have landed his coverage both in broadcast and print outlets across the globe. These include heavyweight media like The Wall Street Journal, The Today Show, BBC, CNN, and others.

Chukwunta’s articles have also found their way into international magazines like Forbes, Newsweek, and more.

He has more than 10 years of experience as a strategist for online marketing, specializing in extensive sales training or enablement, project leadership, and digital marketing.

Chukwunta delivers cutting-edge marketing strategies and innovative campaigns that increase demand, accelerate growth and maximize the budgets for emerging media.

As a Brand and Online Marketing Expert, Chukwunta is in charge of identifying and developing Premium Websites, which is the flagship product of the company. He works continuously with training teams tasked to generate and build Premium Website materials and tools to help enhance the comprehension of the sales force to improve their performance.

Chukwunta led the planning, development, design, and launching of the company’s customer email journey, starting from the first stage to the website launch. He also coordinated and produced all websites related to customer-facing and internal materials.

Chukwunta experienced leading a team that developed and facilitated the training of a vast sales force regarding upgrades for existing products and new digital products.

This team developed collateral and sales for digital product launches across the country for an online program for banner ads, an eCommerce site, a package for business websites.

Chukwunta aided in developing and conducting a webinar for training sales personnel for his company’s product. He also created and revised a series of training videos that featured sales reps detailing selling tips, scripts, and strategies for their specific products.

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Aside from his crazy ideas in digital marketing jamboree, Chukwunta is also a trained Agriculture expert in Sustainable Agriculture.

Chukwunta had also contributed immensely in the Agricultural sector to better crop management, creating a formidable group of gardeners and farmers where the latest plant breeding strategies are shared.

This has earned him numerous awards. He also collaborated with FAO, Worldbank and EU in tackling food insecurity so as to attain sustainable ecosystems.