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Introducing the Gardeners’ Clinic Community

Gardeners’ clinic community will be one of the premium “The best illustrated how to guide for gardeners.” We are getting started by creating a community where gardeners come to share their experiences and tips.

A step-by-step directions, tips, recipes, projects, and plant lists.

To become a member of this community, all you need do is fill this form. One of our volunteers will get back to you shortly.

Here are a few points of discussion:

  • Invaluable information on the range of house plants available, including evergreens, ferns, cacti and succulents, bromeliads, flowering houseplants. 
  • DIY gardening, how to display plants to best advantage in all areas of the home: tabletop displays, hanging baskets and terrariums
  • Soil care, composting, starting seeds and plant propagation
  • A-Z guide to Vegetable gardening, fruits and berries.
  • Clear advice on all aspects of cultivation, from choosing the right container, watering and feeding, to re-potting and grooming.
  • Lawns and groundcovers, Trees and shrubs
  • Pests and diseases